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Talia Vlaovich

CEO, Educator, Professional Performance Artist, Certified Music Practitioner (in progress), Certified Piano Technician, Club Instructor

(Piano, Voice, Autoharp)

Talia is the owner of Voz Alta Studio and has been playing the piano and singing for 20 years. She enjoys all types of music but Classical and Jazz are her favorites. She is also a Certified Piano Technician, church musician, Musial Theatre Music Director, Choir Director, Drama Club Instructor and a private music instructor.

Monica Zarate

Professional Performance Artist


Monica is a pianist who enjoys sharing her passion for music through performances and teaching. She currently has a studio in Carmichael and teaches 43 students.

Clint Warner


Professional Performance Artist

(Guitar, Voice)

Began playing guitar at the age of 8. Early influences of many styles of music rubbed off on Warner’s powerful vocal style and extremely versatile guitar playing. Professionally taught, combined with self-teaching has kept him sought out in country, top 40, jazz, blues, country and rock scenes.

Paula Ramirez


Professional Performance Artist

(Flute, Guitar, Voice)

Paula is a retired music teacher with experience in band and general music. She has been classically trained on flute abd has studied jazz. She loves leading sing alongs and engaging people in the joy of singing together. 

Sarah Elizabeth Kozycz

Professional Performance Artist

(Piano, Voice)

Sarah has been studying music for over 12 years. Piano playing started at age 7 and singing since before she could remember.  She has performed four times in the National Guild Piano-Playing Auditions and is involved with a symphonic band and church worship team.  Sarah finds it a privilege to bring joy and entertainment to her audience.  One day she hopes to learn to compose jazz music.