Covid 19

Offering Covid Services

Our Artists are ready to serve you from a safe distance.  Portable artists will go from window-to-window, visiting your residents and providing entertainment.  If you have a courtyard or outside area that can reach a large group of your resident rooms, our stationary artists will provide a normal service set from that one area.

To book or for more info call or email Talia at


Portable: guitar and voice

Stationary: piano and voice

Stationary: piano

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Portable: guitar and voice

Stationary: Magic

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Voz Alta Studio is not an employer nor a business consultant.  Rather, we are a managing business entity designed to help working, creative individuals focus on their craft while we assist them in navigating business law, offering the use of our resources for charge.

Concerning California Assembly Bill 5 of 2019, Voz Alta Studio has been found as operating legally within the new restrictions governing independent contractors as of July 15, 2020.